dirty limbs

after one rehearsal in a downtown haunted basement dirty limbs was birthed out into the streets of fresno, CA in the winter of 2013. the garage/punk four piece consists of jonathan, casey, audrey, and luke delivering scuzzed out tunes that remind people of something familiar but still unknown. the central valley based band brings a fuzz drenched wave of sound blended with raw crooning vocals about old movies, sci-fi, and hot dog stands that may slowly get etched in your mind making you hungry.


evelyn isn’t a band as much as it is a fuzzy thing. it was always intended to be able to exist through era’s, tastes, personal change, whatever. marc dwelle the band started in 1996 aligned with a small but tight-knit group of like-minded music geeks, he sought out a project he could begin work on that wouldn’t end. an outlet defined by simplicity and freedom to explore. a band who’s vibe would grow and evolve and reflect the influence of the various players involved. Something that could be picked up or put down amid the ebb and flow of life.