keeping it simple.

dirty limbs recorded at the manor house in april of 2015. evelyn recorded at the manor house in august of 2015. both were mixed in august of 2015. visalia, CA.

this record was tracked to an apex MM1100 1″ 8 track tape deck on ATR magnetics master tape at 15 IPS. it was mixed to an apex AG4400C 1/4″ 2 track tape deck on quantity 456 master tape at 15IPS.

no computers were harmed making these recordings.

mastered by jj golden.

beyerdynamic M 160 and M380, sennheiser MD441, soundelux U195, AKG D112 and shure SM7 microphones were used on these sessions. pics were amplified by API 312 and neve 1272 preamps straight to tape. mixed through a sound craft ghost. API 550A, 550B, ad 560 equalizers were used as needed. DBX 160, 161, and 162, purple MC77, and API 2500 compressors were used as needed. a roland RE-201 space echo and an electroharmonix memory man spaced things out. Fender precision bass, jaguar, and jazz master guitars were played through fender super reverb, deluxe reverb, pro reverb, and baseman amps. gretsch drums were used.